Chef Michelle

Culinary and Food Safety Educator


Cooking can be a pleasure for children of all ages. Start them young and with any luck they'll develop a lifelong love of the kitchen as well as skills they can use throughout adulthood.

Children will vary in their ability to undertake different cooking activities. Use your own judgment to choose classes you think are suitable for your child. Safety is the biggest concern, beyond that a little trial and error is all part of the fun.

I’m passionate about teaching children to cook and bake. I learned how to cook pretty much from the moment I could stand at the stove. Over the years, (many), I have taught each of my own kids, (also many), basic to advanced cooking skills. I was determined to have them cooking and baking well before they left the nest and hopefully sooner than that! I'm a Certified ServSafe® Instructor, creator, baker and engaging Chef. I love to teaching look forward to teaching and learning with you!

I'm super excited to help foster learning environments that encourage critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, global awareness, and social responsibility as it relates to our food access. Teaching children about food helps them feel empowered to make those 'good choices'. Interested? Get in touch!


Get in touch - I love to connect with my students!

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